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Car Key Programming

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Car Key Programming

Most of the time people wait until they are caught in emergencies is when they remember that they need to have an extra pair of car keys. However, Auto locksmith Leeds Company today reminds you that it is not necessary that you are in an emergency is when you can seek our services. We can always offer our services to you at any time that you feel like and the only thing that you have to do is to give us a call and we shall be very delighted to serve you. We have more than enough car key programming specialists who also have a lot of experience with car key programing and we can guarantee you that these are the best that you can ever get in Leeds.

These experts are also very well equipped with the latest and most technologically advanced equipment that will allow them to carry their duties at any place in the shortest time possible. This equipment is always in the vans that our transponder programming specialists use to get to our customers in Leeds hence you need not worry about spending longer than you should as they go back and forth from the workshop looking for tools.

For most people, the car keys that you hold on your hands are not ordinary keys like the ones you may use to open a locker in your wardrobe. These are special types of keys that are programmed only to start your car. This enhances the security of your car as nobody can be able to start your car without those keys. Nonetheless, this might also be a big problem also to you in the case that you have lost the keys. It is at times like these when you should call for help from Auto locksmith Leedss Company.

At times one might wonder how these keys are able to make the car start or refuse to respond to the key. This is pretty simple because each of the modern produced cars has an immobiliser that is incorporated to the engine control unit. The transponder key that you have has a microchip that is encoded with a serial number of your car. Once you insert this key into the ignition of your car, the microchip communicates with the immobiliser by sending the serial numbers. If the serial numbers are correct, the car will start but if not, the car wouldn’t respond to the key.

In case you lose your car keys our work would be to re-program the immobiliser of your vehicle and encode with new serial numbers that we shall also encode in the new set of keys that we shall provide to you. This way, your car will once again be able to respond to the new set of keys. As you can see, this is quite a complex process but here at Auto locksmith Leeds Company we are well equipped and we shall serve you at whatever place that you are. Our equipment van can come to any place whether in Leeds or its surrounding areas. Just call us and we shall serve you in no time.

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